Former Bank of England Governor Mervyn King has observed that we now live in a world of radical uncertainty that has become a much more dangerous place for companies, governments, and investors.

In their latest global survey, PwC found that CEOs agree, noting that, "No matter where CEOs look or from where they are looking, the path forward is fraught with uncertainty." And that was before the COVID19 pandemic arrived.

In the face of rapid, disruptive change and unprecedented uncertainty, many parties tell boards and management teams WHAT they need to do: Better govern and manage strategic risk. But they don't tell them HOW to do this.

We do.

Britten Coyne educates and advises corporate clients and investors in the UK and EU, the USA, Canada, and Australia on how to increase their capacity to govern and manage the most dangerous threats they face, whether they are called strategic, disruptive, or existential risks.

Using proprietary methodologies we help clients to avoid failure by enabling them to better anticipate, properly assess, and adapt in time to emerging threats to their strategy and survival.

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We also deliver short "applied education" courses to quickly build clients' organizational capacity to move beyond traditional methodologies and use new approaches to make high quality decisions in the face of unprecedented uncertainty after COVID19.

Through the Strategic Risk Institute, we offer longer online and in-person courses leading to a Certified Competence in Strategic Risk Governance and Management.

Neil Britten and Tom Coyne
together have over eighty years of global experience in identifying, assessing, managing, and governing strategic risk, as officers and directors of public and private companies and as advisors to chairmen, directors, boards, and executive teams.

Feedback from Our Clients

“I’ve been involved in many board risk conversations. This was new, different, very practical, and extremely helpful.”

“We’ve had a lot of external speakers at our board meetings who have been rubbish, but you were really excellent.”

“We’re having a board conversation that was impossible before.”

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